Private Jet Management

Let our aviation experts manage all the facets of your aircraft ownership, minimizing your time spent on details, while maximizing the benefits and ease of your aircraft ownership.


At Eclipse Management, we take your aircraft ownership to new heights.  Our full-service, professional approach to management allows you to maximize your aircraft ownership, so you spend less time on the ground, and more time on the go. With convenient and personal access to our experienced team of pilots and maintenance support, Eclipse Management offers fully inclusive, turnkey management solutions to aircraft ownership, helping you navigate your way to easier travel.

Our management services include:

  • Convenient, year-round access to our team of pilots to cover the demands of your travel schedule
  • On-site maintenance performed by our certified aircraft maintenance team
  • Timely evaluation and service for Aircraft On Ground (AOG) issues
  • Continual updates made to aircraft to meet strict FAA requirements and regulations
  • Ability to negotiate and secure the lowest fuel rates
  • Hourly leasing options for other aircraft when your aircraft is unavailable
  • Access to discounted  fleet insurance rates
  • Comprehensive administrative services
  • Remote, full-service aircraft management from any part of the country
  • And much more

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