Dogs Fly Free


Meet Gus, one of Eclipse Private Jet’s most frequent fliers. He racks up 30-40 hours per year!

Favorite seat configuration in the Eclipse: 4 seat leaves plenty of leg room for him and his ownersFavorite snack: Peanut butter and cheese crackers, but only gets crackers after the flight

Favorite Destination: Newport Beach, Calif. But wintering in Arizona beats Colorado

What Gus likes best about Eclipse Private Jet: All the $$ saved because “Dogs Fly Free”

Bo and Jack have racked up more frequent flyer miles on Eclipse Private Jet than any other puppies

Bo prefers the copilot seat or on the arm rest looking out the window

Jack looks for the closest lap.

Bo and Jack are Snow Birds headed to Arizona when weather turns cold in Colorado.

Kali has flown with Eclipse Private Jet twice so far.

Kali’s favorite seat is her owner’s lap. No leg room required.

Kali winters in Arizona and summers in Colorado