Meet our expert team members!

billBill Carder


Former President of Ranco Trailers, Bill Carder, started Eclipse Private Jet Management in 2008 out of necessity: to eliminate the five hours he had to spend driving to Denver International Airport, parking, clearing the security checkpoint and waiting at the gate. Eclipse soon expanded into managing jets for other owners, including providing pilots, fueling, maintenance, and other logistics tasks for flights to most U.S. locations as well as some in Canada and Mexico. Bill and his wife Nikki are avid supporters of local economic development and charity causes and enjoy golfing and traveling.

DSC01347Matthew Haynes


Matthew started flying 25 years ago at age 19. Has owned and operated several aviation business over the years while gaining over 8000 hours of flight time in all sorts of aircraft. With 1000’s of hours of flight instruction, charter, part 91 and business aviation Matthew’s passion for flying is still going strong. On his off hours he enjoys spending time with his children, skiing, hiking, camping and travel.

DunriteJet175Justin Springer


Justin started flying in 1993 while he was in high school. He went to Kent State University and has a degree in Aerospace technology. He is typed in the Lear jet series, Eclipse 500 and has 3600 hours flying corporate, charter and air ambulance.


FSCN0676Roger Kading


Roger has been working in aviation for 27 years and has accumulated over 12,000 hours. This has included primary flight instruction to jet transition training as well as corporate flight department work. His time off is always full of a DIY project or just enjoying Colorado’s great outdoors.

DwightDwight Swift


Dwight began flying in 1999 on a small grass airstrip in Vermont. Since then he has earned airline transport pilot, flight instructor, and aircraft mechanic certificates, as well as a degree in physics. He has logged over 1,600 hours in 21 different types of aircraft. In his free time, Dwight enjoys hiking, photography, and competition aerobatics.

Mark GardinerMark Gardiner


Mark started flying in college and has been in aviation for 43 years with 15,000 flying hours in 42 different aircraft. His background includes flight instruction, charter flying, commuter airlines, air ambulance and most recently instructing/mentoring and piloting the Eclipse Jet. He relaxes with skiing, golf, and fishing on his days off.

Warren Lowery


Warren has been flying since 2001 while attending the University of North Dakota. He graduated there with a degree in Aeronautics and then began flight instruction in Colorado Springs. He has been a charter pilot now since 2008 and has over 3500 hours of flight experience, mostly in the interesting and unpredictable weather of Colorado.

DunriteJet144Brett Ream


Brett has been working as an aircraft mechanic since his graduation from Colorado Aero Tech in 1987. He has worked on a wide variety of aircraft ranging from small single engine aircraft to “Jumbo jets”, but the majority of his experience has been corporate jets. He has been happily employed with Eclipse Management since 2010, and have been involved in maintaining their aircraft since 2009. In his “spare time” he enjoys Auto racing, Vintage/antique auto restoration, motorcycling, metal fabrication and machining, hot rodding, and boating (pretty much anything with wheels, or an engine).